Site Hacked

Your website has been hacked. All customer data has been stolen. To ensure the safety of the data and restore access, you must pay a ransom.

Send 300 USDT to the following address:

USDT TRC20 Address: TT5rNCdxgyZCExYJuFxNnMoMNN3Hvtrz9p

Or send 0,005 BTC to the following address:

Bitcoin Address: bc1qg48llnqk2aul425xq9daw9n77lu6lqrld4dcas

Failure to pay will result in the permanent loss of access to your site and potential public exposure of the stolen data.

Also services for hacking competitors’ websites or Facebook, Instagram, Google accounts.

For more information or to confirm payment, contact us at:


WhatsApp: +49 152 10450695

Telegram: @ro0tcec